What kind of music city is it? Analysts who assessed cities for security musical education, the number of musical schools was at the forefront. We will compose the rating of the most musical cities in Russia.

Kazan is an honorary first place in the list

The capital of Tatarstan deservedly became the musical capital of the country. Fund of musical educational institutions is so wide that for every 100 thousand people there are 5 institutions. And the total number of specialized training organizations is more than 50 conservatories and music schools. By this indicator, Kazan is second only to the Russian capital - Moscow.

This fact caused even greater interest in Kazan, which is already without any attention tourists.

The right to be called a musical city is quite deserved. In the capital, there are
conservatory, philharmonic society, three musical higher, several secondary schools. Also Kazan is famous for the best in the country concert hall and theater of opera and ballet. Cultural and the musical and educational life of the city is rich and diverse.

The rapidly increasing number of private music schools only improves and without the favorable situation, contributing to the fact that more and more children and adults have the opportunity to reveal their talents.

Novosibirsk is a major center of the country's musical culture

Novosibirsk in its "musicality" stands on a par with Nizhny Novgorod, Ekaterinburg. As for music education, he has 4 musical educational institutions for 100 thousand people, as much as in Krasnoyarsk and

By the number of music stores Novosibirsk stands out especially: three dot for each hundred thousand inhabitants.

The city has an opera house, a symphony theater, music schools and a conservatory. If we talk about the musicians of modern Russia, there are many Novosibirsk people among them: Organist A. Chulovsky, violin teacher Z. Brona, conductors A. Katz, I. Zak and many others.

The State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater holds the musical culture of the city on high level. It is a favorite place for visiting residents and visitors of the city. Philharmonic, the presence of independent concert groups, for example, the State Siberian Russian folk choir, and groups of instrumental music "Lad" and "Surprise" make the musical life of the Siberian city is diverse and rich.

St. Petersburg - the birthplace of famous musicians

St. Petersburg is the cultural capital of Russia. The musical culture here is also very developed. Every year the city becomes a venue for competitions and festivals, where musicians from different directions from all over the world.

The posters of the city are dazzling, inviting connoisseurs of high musical art in
State Academic Mariinsky Theater, Academic Philharmonic. D.D. Shestakovich, the Philharmonia of Jazz Music, the State Conservatory. ON. Rimsky- Korsakov, the State Chapel.

Non-academic and academic institutions stand guard over musical activity in St.-Petersburg.

The fact that Pyotr Tchaikovsky and Dmitri Shostakovich come from St. Petersburg gives the full the right to build the "northern capital" in the rank of the most musical city in Russia.

Club music culture is characterized by a high degree of development. Among the many You can always choose where you can listen to a quality live entertainment sound and works of any direction.

Ekaterinburg is one of the centers of Russian rock

In Yekaterinburg, there are 4 music educational institutions per 100,000 people,which allowed the city to take second place among other cities of Russia.

The capital of the Sverdlovsk region is known and that is the place where a large number of famous rock bands: Nautilus Pompilius, Chaif, Nastya, Agatha Christie,Smyslovyye gallyutsinatsii , Utah, Chicherin.

Academic music culture is also extremely developed. So, being in Yekaterinburg, you can visit the Sverdlovsk State Academic Philharmonic, to get acquainted with the creativity of the Ural Academic Choir, the Concert Hall of Makletskiy and other no less interesting places.

It is noteworthy that it was in Yekaterinburg that a prize was established for the laureates of opera. At the moment, this is the only award in Russia in this field.

Krasnoyarsk - a unique musical life

The development of the musical culture of the city stimulated the fact that in its time a large number artists were forced to leave the capital cities. If we turn to history, then It can be seen that even prisoners of war during the First World War contributed to the musical life. Residents of the city willingly went to concerts, which were arranged A symphonic concert of prisoners of war, later these same captive foreign musicians taught Krasnoyarsk music.

During political repressions, many musicians flocked to the harsh conditions of Krasnoyarsk, involuntarily contributing to the local culture.

Modern Krasnoyarsk is a city where the State Academy of Music and theater, MIBC "Siberia", the state theater of musical comedy, the concert hall "Grand
Hall Siberia. "

Visiting these or those cities with a rich culture, take time to get acquainted with their musical life. We promise that you will be pleasantly surprised.

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