Writers and poets have glorified almost every corner of the country. Where is the concentration writing talent was the highest? Introducing the route to five cities Russia, who gave birth and welcomed the workers of the feather .

St. Petersburg

The royal court, settled in the northern capital, became attractive to secular youth, which often wrote poetry and prose. Here the talent of A.S. Pushkin, was seen by A.S. Griboyedov, created, printed (sometimes almost underground) a whole galaxy of writers and "Voltairians" - Yu. M. Lermontov, FM Dostoevsky, N. V. Gogol, I.S. Turgenev, AI Kuprin, A.A. Fet, N. A. Nekrasov, A.I. Kuprin. In St. Petersburg, the "old Derzhavin" served faithfully the Fatherland, suffered from the departure of the beloved with the left glove on AA Akhmatova's right hand ...

Nowhere else in the city are there so many exact addresses where one can find a literary character. Take a ride along the Griboedov canal. You will be met at home by Dostoevsky, his heroes novels, as well as Gogol's apartment.

Civic Street with the eternal guard of the city - "Bronze Horseman", Nevsky Prospekt Lomonosovskaya, Summer Garden, Fontanka, Senate Square, Sennaya, Foundry street with a house "The Queen of Spades" is always ready to share with you its secrets, which will never run out.

Neighborhoods are no less interesting, for example, no trip to St. Petersburg will be complete, if you do not look into Tsarskoe Selo, Peterhof, Mikhailovsky Castle, Slepnevo, Komarovo ...


Once sung on the pages of the "Hero of Our Time" city exiled lieutenant Lermontov, became a fatal place for him. Before him here and throughout the Caucasus wandered and "The sun of Russian poetry" - AS Pushkin.

To correct their health and well-being came a lot of creative intelligentsia. Not first attracted the city of Leo Nikolayevich, but he changed his opinion about him, as well as about the entire Caucasus.

On the streets of Pyatigorsk strolled also Sergei Mikhalkov, the heroes of the "Twelve Chairs" Kisa Vorobyaninov and Ostap Bender.

Where to look? In the House of Pushkin, Lermontov's Lodge, the House of Versilins, the Grotto of Diana, the Aeolian Harp, Lake Failure, park "Tsvetnik". You can see the city thanks to the cable car to the mountain Mashuk.


Enraptured by tales of the Copper Mountain, Mistress P.P. Bazhov writes "The Malachite Casket" "Stone Flower" and "Silver Hoof" in these parts. In the center of the city is a museum dedicated to great countryman.

The Urals are rich in talent. Her harsh beauty gives rise to such writers as Dmitry Manin-Sibiryak, Fedor Reshetnikov, Alexander Dolsky, Alexey Khvostenko, Vladislav Krapivin, awarded the "Russian Booker" Olga Slavnikova ...

Where to look? On the embankment, see the House of Malakhov, Kharitonovskuyu manor with a park, put a candle in the temple on blood.


The earth, which nurtured G.R. Derzhavin, NM Karamzin, Nikolai Zabolotsky, Vasily Aksenov, Leonid Filatov, Eugene Schwartz, Tukay, Mussa Jalil was hosted by A.S. Pushkin, who studied the route of the Pugachev uprising, a young LN Tolstoy, who entered here in university.

Kazan was honored to visit Alexandre Dumas in 1958, which seemed to him fantastic. Here he completed the "Fencing Teacher".S. T. Aksakov spent his youth in the city , A. I. Herzen almost drowned when crossing the Volga. NA Nekrasov conceived it is here to write a famous poem with a perennial question after a conversation with a local peasant, and IA Goncharov noticed in Kazan "Probated streets."

Classical Russian dramaturgy would not be complete without "Thunderstorm" and «Bespridannitsy»N . A. Ostrovsky, and the landscapes of Kazan gave him inspiration for them. Each step in Kazan - touching the literary heritage of Russia.


This city is not only the "literary monopoly" of Anton Chekhov. He was visited by A. S. Griboyedov, A. S. Pushkin, IA Bunin, Vladimir Mayakovsky, Sergei Yesenin, Vladimir Nabokov, AI Kuprin, Maxim Gorky, KG Paustovsky.

Yalta warmed the breath of the sea Mark Twain, Pablo Neruda, Gianni Radari, James Aldridge, Mitchell Wilson and many others.

Monuments to heroes and writers remind that the resort was popular with "geniuses of the place" and before the revolution. Here, "Lady with a Dog" walks along the Lenin embankment, meets at the entrance to the Seaside Park M. Gorky, inside the garden of visitors welcomes attentive Dr. AP
Chekhov, and Lesya Ukrainka sat down to rest on Ekaterininskaya Street.

Literary routes in Russia are much greater, it remains only to take the first step along this path.

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